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TheraPlay offers Home Health and Outpatient Rehabilitation Services.  Outpatient threrapy is provided in a child friendly atmosphere with two locations to serve you.  TheraPlay is located at either 800 Pelham Rd. in Greenville, SC or in Spartanburg, SC at 1254 Boiling Springs Road.  Our Skilled therapists are adept at treating a variety of developmental issues.  Our therapists are part of the rehabilitation team collaborating with parents, physicians, and other health care providers to realize your child's goals.


Physical Therapists use play to promote movement, restore functions decrease pain, and increase balance and coordination.

Some of these techniques include:

                Therapy balls                                         Assistive devices

                Riding toys                                             Myofascial release

                 Swings                                                   Pediatric massage

                 Neurodevelopmental  treatment (NDT)



Occupational Therapists use the art of play, socialization, and fun activities to develop and strengthen fine motor movements, visual motor skills, bilateral motor coodination,eye hand coordination, and sensory integration skills needed for activities of daily living.

Some techniques include:

             Interactive Metronome                                  Vestibular input

            Use of adaptive equipment                            Splinting

             Interactive toys                                              Hand held toys

             Proprioceptive input                                       Tactile input

             Neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT)            Therapy balls


Some skills acquired:

              Dressing, feeding, bathing etc.                    Problem solving

              Handwriting/school skills                              Following directions

               Attention                                                     Grasp/Release patterns

               Increase strength, tone and range of motion

               Inproved tracking and visual scanning